Caregiver Recharge News

We are pleased to announce that the Caregiver ReCharge service is now able to accept new referrals.  

In October 2015, we needed to stop accepting new referrals to give us the opportunity to assess, for eligibity, those referrals that we had already received.  We have now completed this process and effective immediately are able to receive new referrals.

You can make a referral in one of two ways:



“Without Caregiver ReCharge, I don’t know how I’d function. I’m so exhausted. They go above and beyond for both me and my mother.”

- Carolyn Mastrotucci , caregiver for her mom, Norma


“When you have someone who is disabled, you don’t have the option of stopping to do something, but when the staff is here, I don’t have to worry if I need to go out shopping or do some work.”

- Deanna Henderson, caregiver for her son, Brandon


“When I take respite, I go to my own appointments, do the grocery shopping, go to the bank to pay bills. I am grateful to have this program so that I can do the things I need to do.”

- Rosina Anderson, caregiver for her husband, James


“We’ve been married 50 years. I love him and don’t want him to go into a home. That’s why programs like this are important. It gives me the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength to deal with him when he has his bad days.”

- Laraine Goodban, caregiver for her husband, Gordon